Where water, ideas, and talent converge.

Designed around employee experience, FreshTech is an urban innovation district developed to facilitate cohabitation and collaboration among firms, higher education and entrepreneurs.

Fresh Water

Situated next to the white sand beaches of the fourth largest body of fresh water on Earth. No other site in the Midwest offers such an experience.

Fresh Ideas

A hub where people, companies, entrepreneurs and educators connect and collaborate to solve industry challenges.

Fresh Talent

A vibrant urban center surrounded by affordable, family-friendly and safe communities to draw in and inspire talent, and serve as a magnet for many lifestyles.

Patents filed in 2019.  Since 2007, Sheboygan County has produced a patent every three days.

What is FreshTech?

FreshTech, located in Sheboygan, is Wisconsin’s only Innovation Community. It is a half-mile stretch for collaboration and co-working, research labs and housing originating on 1,600 feet of white sand beach along Lake Michigan. FreshTech is within walking distance of the area’s arts and culture district, miles of waterfront walking trails and unrivaled local restaurants. FreshTech provides an urban environment for industry through leaders seeking to attract and retain global talent.

Why Here?

Larger cohorts of employees are seeking an urban environment with attributes of a suburb like strong schools and neighborhoods. Sheboygan County offers this unique combination through our outstanding quality of life, boundless recreational and social amenities, and growing companies. FreshTech presents the opportunity to build on our LIVE, WORK, PLAY assets.

Why Now?

All firms are locked in a global war for talent. We must provide skill enhancements to our existing workforce as well as seek every advantage to attract and retain quality employees. An Innovation District helps companies do both.

What is an Innovation District?

FreshTech Location

  • On the coast of Lake Michigan
  • Downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  • Along I-43 between Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI
  • World-class restaurants, quality schools and recreation opportunities

FreshTech, the epicenter of excellence and engagement, is where the business of food meets our passion for product advancement.

It’s where the industry grows, interacts, collaborates and innovates for the future. Located on Indiana Avenue in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, FreshTech is the cornerstone of advanced manufacturing and the future of food and beverage innovation. It is where talent converges to generate new ideas.

How can FreshTech drive excellence in your organization?


Talent Retention


Talent Recruitment


Business Visibility & Accessability


Catalyze Commercialization of New Products and Services


Provide for Best-Practice Training Center


Employee Professional and Social Programming


Co-locate Businesses and Education in Collaborative Spaces


Shovel Ready Sites for Office, R&D and Headquarter Locations


Places of Work in Walking Distance of Urban Lifestyle


It's more than an office park, it's a community!


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Fresh Tech has been developed to create the
environment today’s workforce is seeking.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity for your company, or would like a tour of the site plan, contact us.

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