SHEBOYGAN — Arabella’s Family Restaurant is reopening in Sheboygan. But don’t expect the Sheboygan restaurant to be exactly as it was. The restaurant hopes to reopen by December under a new name: Café Bella.  “I’m going way modern,” Bobby Ameti said. Ameti and his family have owned Arabella’s since it opened almost 20 years ago.

“I’m doing a lot of changes. Big changes actually,” he said. Ameti said the new, more modern Café Bella will fit in better with the direction of the surrounding buildings.

The City of Sheboygan is currently working to create an “Innovation district” on Indiana Avenue where Arabella’s is located. As previously reported, the innovation district will be a batch of buildings on Indiana Avenue where research-oriented companies can come to collaborate or where start-up and tech companies can go to bounce ideas off of one another.

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