The FreshTech Innovation Programming Task Force subcommittee: Best Practices and Collaboration held its first event on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at Lakeland University. Sixteen attendees from ten local companies and government met to discuss success and challenges each company is facing in attracting engineering staff. Companies and higher education schools represented at the first roundtable included Millipore-Sigma, Johnsonville, Lakeshore Technical College, UW-Green Bay, Curt Joa, Masters Gallery.

This initiative was developed as a way to encourage idea and information sharing as well as developing relationships with other engineering staff from local companies to continue to collaborate on challenges and successes throughout the year.

The event was a result of work from key leaders from Sheboygan County companies working on developing innovated programming in three areas identified as part of the fall 2018, Innovation Programming Summit held at the Berkshire in downtown Sheboygan. The three areas that was identified that local companies were looking for include: professional development, entrepreneurship, and best practices/collaboration.

For more information on being involved with this roundtable, please contact Kristen Young, Workforce Development Coordinator of Johnsonville, LLC, Subcommittee Chairperson at 920-453-4872.