The FreshTech Innovation District has begun a partnership with local innovation expert Shashank Varma. The partnership will result in the development of strategies and initiatives focused on connecting Sheboygan County’s innovation assets and unlocking the potential of the region’s innovation ecosystem. The strategies and initiatives being developed are critical to all individuals, businesses, and organizations being able to access the district and leverage the innovation network that will fuel the district’s impact.

The partnership will equip FreshTech with:

  • a county-wide innovation strategy
  • an innovation accelerator program
  • an Innovator in Residence program

Over the course of the next few months, Varma will work directly with FreshTech’s director of innovation & engagement, Nick O’Brien, as well as the newly-formed local innovation group, The Surge, to develop the new strategies and initiatives that will drive the purpose and eventual impact of the district.

Shashank Varma, WorkFrame Consulting / Kohler Co.

Shashank Varma, a new product development leader at Kohler Co., has partnered with the district’s efforts through his innovation facilitation firm, WorkFrame Consulting. Varma is a Queens, New York-native, and NYU graduate who has lived in Sheboygan County since 2013 when he began his work with Kohler Co. In 2015, Varma founded Kohler Co.’s internal innovation accelerator, which he now manages to facilitate small teams working on new ideas and help cross-functional business teams solve problems.