The Indiana Avenue Corridor was recognized as its own planning district in Phase Three of the Harbor Centre Master Plan (District #8 on the following map). Adopted in 2007, this Master Plan represents the third phase of the City of Sheboygan’s comprehensive long-range vision for continued development and revitalization of the heart of the community.

The redevelopment goals for Indiana are:

  • Revitalize a traditional neighborhood business corridor based on existing assets and leading initiatives as identified in the Harbor Centre Master Plan including the regional foods/public marketplace, urban employment and housing, and creative class entrepreneur initiatives;
  • Advance Harbor Centre redevelopment and infill implementation particularly along Indiana Avenue as well as the adjacent Upper and Lower Downtown and South Pier Districts;
  • Encourage neighborhood residential reinvestment in the neighborhoods surrounding Indiana Avenue;
  • Support the advancement of an urban living services cluster in Lower Downtown; and
  • Increase connectivity to draw the greater region to the Corridor and Harbor Centre and connect residents to urban employment.

Broken into several character zones the 2011 amendment to the Masterplan provides the first long-term vision for this corridor.

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