Results from the FreshTech Innovation District summit are in. Participating in the summit were ~150 individuals representing over 100 organizations. Overwhelmingly, participants stated the Innovation District must be a world-class development.  Most importantly, nearly all attendees stated the District’s culture must be inclusive, diverse, open, energetic, collaborative and engaging.

Participants were asked to provide feedback on 12 topics ranging from professional development to leadership and management, education, and lifestyle and wellness. A common theme of these conversations is the need for Sheboygan County to be more inclusive, as well as needing to provide additional networking and professional development opportunities.

The summit attendees identified the Innovation District would have positive impacts on the area including, but not limited to:

  • FreshTech has potential to change the “image” of Sheboygan County necessary to retain/attract talent.
  • Create next generation of family-owned businesses
  • Synergies between small and large business in county
  • Year-round social interactions in the form of events, programs and seminars
  • A place where local professionals can network and form new ideas

A report and record of all input at the Innovation District Summit can be viewed here.