SHEBOYGAN PRESS    — An unused section of railroad tracks running through the center of the city will be converted to a bike path, city officials say.

The section of the Union Pacific Railroad Company’s tracks, called Sheboygan Old Main Line, runs 1.3 miles from near where the Shoreland 400 bike trail ends at Pennsylvania Avenue south to Union Avenue near its intersection with South Business Drive.

The section has been unused in the past couple years, Mayor Mike Vandersteen said, because there is less industrial demand.

The city budgeted $1.3 million for the purchase, which would allow for an extension of the Shoreland 400 bike trail from where it ends at Pennsylvania Avenue to Union Avenue in the Innovation District area.

“We look at this as a really important trail,” Vandersteen said, adding that the trail’s location at the heart of the city will connect a lot more people to it and make it more functional.

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City documents show a map of the unused railroad tracks Union Pacific Railroad Company plans to abandon and the city plans to buy and convert into a bike trail.