FreshTech’s Innovation Hub

The LaunchPad is the beating heart of the Innovation District. This is where business, education and entrepreneur paths intersect to create opportunities.

Collaborative Space

A hub where people, companies, entrepreneurs and education connect and collaborate to solve industry challenges.

A Cool Space

Places where employees want to hang out.

Culture Driver

A place that champions entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving.  This is a place where new ideas become new products and services.

Function 1: Programming Hub and Administrative Center

The nucleus of the Innovation District is first and foremost a special events space designed to provide employees with intellectual and social programming. Complete with several classrooms, meeting spaces and an events hall, the Launch Pad will come alive with world-class programming to attract and retain talent in eastern Wisconsin.

Social Events

Create deep social bonds and intelligent collaboration between professionals through planned and spontaneous activities.


Best-Practice Sharing

There is no best way to complete a job, only a series of tools. Companies from eastern Wisconsin will share their own experiences and expertise.


Managing people is the toughest job out there and few firms have formal management courses. The Launch Pad will provide courses for managers to be effective leaders.

Innovation Drivers

Executive guest speakers, reverse industry challenges and idea mixers.

Workforce Recruitment

There is no place for professionals seeking work to go to in order to network and learn about available jobs. The LaunchPad will provide the space.

Community Events

Space will be made available for other community events benefiting the immediate community. 

Function 2: University Satellite Campus

Satellite Campus

Higher education plays a key role in the Innovation District. The presence of several higher education institutions is desired. Lease or own.

Targeted Courses

Develop talent and new products by targeting key industries and building critical mass. Offer certifications and specialized majors to create fresh talent. 

R&D Space

Lease or own R&D labs in close proximity to industry leaders.

Urban Community

Walkable housing, nightlife, coffee shops and restaurants provide a vibrant lifestyle choice for students and faculty alike.

Internships / Jobs

Proximity to business offers tremendous non-class experiences for students, providing your university with a strategic advantage in recruiting students.


Advanced Curriculum

Working near industry leading companies allows access to the latest technology and skill sets, and updates can be made in the classroom in real time.

Function 3: Class A Office / R&D Space

Office Lease

Facilities from 1,000 to 20,000 square feet are available, as are modern Class A offices and R&D space. Lease or own.

Co-working Labs

Single and multiple offices available to take advantage of ongoing best-practice sharing and programming.

Event Space

Lease classrooms, conference rooms or the main hall by the day.

Urban Community

Larger cohorts of employees are seeking urban locations to live and work.

Fresh Ideas

Employees are looking for places to be inspired. By working alongside other talented people in collaborative spaces, they will get more chances to solve problems and never feel like a number.

Can-Do Culture

World-class employees want to feel like they’re part of something bigger. Working near other industry leading companies gives them the feeling of being part of a world-class organization.

LaunchPad Concept

The building will be developed by the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation with spaces available for lease or sale.

LaunchPad Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the facility located?

The current plan is to construct the Launch Pad on the former J.J. Koepsell Co. site, located at 1010 S. Ninth St., Sheboygan.

When will this facility be built?

Our goal is to have the facility built by September of 2020 in time for the Ryder Cup to show world decision-makers the future of Sheboygan County.

Who will build the facility?

The Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation is championing the development of the building and programming.

Who will pay for it?
A finalized business plan outlining funding sources and building usage will be available by winter 2018. The SCEDC is still determining the capacity and size of the building and planning programming and calendar of events.


Who has committed?

To date, several firms have expressed interest, including a 10,000-square-foot anchor tenant for The Launch Pad. Contact the SCEDC to get the most up-to-date information.



Can I put an office somewhere other than the Launchpad?
Yes, multiple spaces exist in the Innovation District. The Launchpad is one of several options.



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